Italian Grand Master in town


Published on Facebook by Ian Currans, Metropolitan Grand Inspector: Currans

Italian Grand Master Fabio Venzi is in town and visited Chartered Accountants Lodge yesterday. I was asked to go along and welcome him on behalf of Met. And what a pleasure that was. The Lodge is now composed of young Italian masons who love English masonry and fly in 3 times a year for the meetings. Its all done in English as well, which makes them doubly special. WM Marco Badiali delivered a paper on the history of the first 20 years of the Regular Grand Lodge of Italy, which left us in no doubt of the enormously high regard in which UGLE is held in that Grand Lodge. A great night for Freemasonry Universal, the Lodge and for Met too, I think.

The meeting was at the “CHARTERED ACCOUNTANTS LODGE NO. 3162”. The peculiarity of this MetGL Lodge, founded long time ago is that the members are ALL Italians and the ALL live in Italy and they fly in 3 times a year for their Regular meetings. Last Saturday meeting was dedicated to a Lecture on the 20 years history of the Grand Regular Lodge of Italy and it’s association and close ties with UGLE.


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