Latest Meeting

Friday night saw the latest Certes meeting, although one with a difference. The meeting was actually our Daughter Lodge Semper Amicus‘s meeting, and they kindly agreed to handle a double 3rd Degree for us. Particularly special was the fact that one of our IPM’s was able to see his Great Grandson become a Master Mason
The meeting was in Temple 8 at Freemasons Hall with the festive board held at Trattatoria Verde.
Of the 50 present, around 20 were Certes members. The ceremony was conducted in fine style, with Certes members filling three of the officer roles, and also handling some parts of the ritual. There was even time for a comic interlude with the Tyler being delayed by an internal phone call at a very inopportune moment.
The previous Certes meeting in February was Installation, and with a 1st at our next meeting on April 17th Semper kindly helping out has done a great deal to ease a major fixture pile up! As ever we welcome visiting Masons and new members please contact us.

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