Ladies Night 2013

Saturday 19th Jan saw 85 attendees at our Ladies Night. Despite the awful weather we had people travel from as far as Dorset to the Ponsbourne Park Hotel in Hertfordshire. Sadly this venue is closing at some stage this year, although there are plans for an updated conference centre.
Certes does not hold a Ladies night every year, instead it is only at the request of that years Master. In 2012 we held a Sunday lunch instead.
Bretheren, friends and family gathered at 6.30, with drinks until the meal at 7.30. The excellent meal of mushroom for starters, duck for main and pie for dessert was complimented by a fine choice of drinks. As is usual there were gifts for the ladies, and bouquets of flowers for the ladies of the organising committee. All were gratefully received.

Speeches from the Festival committee were followed by an excellent reply for the ladies, especially as the lady in question had only had several hours notice! The Master then replied in a heartfelt manner, despite claiming to have lost his pre prepared speech!

Then it was the raffle, with a fine selection of prizes (including a very useful snow shovel!), and finally dancing!!! Carriages were at the respectable time of midnight, although we suspect certain bretheren carried on long after that

Certes Masonic Lodge Ladies Night

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